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More Older Adults Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism
According to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Americans ages 50 and older are more likely to seek treatment for alcoholism than any other drug addiction. Because older men are particularly at risk of problem drinking, they made up the largest group of individuals seeking alcohol addiction treatment.

Alcohol Abuse and Suicide
Drinking alcohol puts users at an increased risk of committing suicide, according to Canada's Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

What Causes Alcohol Cravings?
Alcohol cravings can strike at the strangest times, with little warning or logic. A photo, smell, song or familiar face can be all it takes to send a former alcoholic into an emotional uproar. What causes these alcohol cravings?

Alcohol Abuse in College
Alcohol abuse among college students isn’t a new problem, but it’s one that brings up a number of concerns

Binge Drinking Because You’re Bored?
Boredom may be to blame for a growing trend in binge drinking in western states like Wyoming, Montana and North and South Dakota, according to an article in the New York Times.

Brain Cells Misfire as a Result of Marijuana Use
It is well-known that prolonged marijuana use impacts short-term memory. Now, a study from Rutgers University researchers has found that the cause of this memory loss may be the misfiring brain cells.

A Vaccine to Treat Cocaine Addiction?
Vaccines to protect against addiction are an exciting yet controversial topic. In a clinical trial supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), an experimental anti-cocaine vaccine resulted in a substantial reduction in cocaine use in 38 percent of vaccinated patients. The study is the first successful, placebo-controlled demonstration of a vaccine against illicit drug abuse.

Cocaine Destroys Lives
Cocaine is a powerful drug, also referred to as coke, blow, powder, snow and sneeze. Here are some facts about cocaine abuse:

Depression Treatment Impaired by Teen Substance Use
A teen depression study by the National Institute of Mental Health shows that depression treatment is most effective when teens are not impaired by drug or alcohol use. While lower levels of teen substance abuse may allow teens to focus on managing their depression, researchers noted it is also possible that depression treatment led to less substance abuse among teens.

Ecstasy: More Than a Club Drug
Ecstasy is an illegal drug that has been compared to LSD because of its effects and popularity. In some circles, ecstasy is considered the hottest drug around. Even though Ecstasy is most often associated with teen raves and dance parties, officials say the drug (also known as MDMA) is so readily available that teens can easily buy it on the street or at school.

The Effects of Steroids
Anabolic steroid use can have detrimental effects on behavior. Particularly in high doses, steroids have been shown to increase irritability and aggression. Some steroid abusers report committing the following aggressive acts

The Health Effects of Drug Addiction
People who suffer from drug addiction often have one or more medical issues, including lung or cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and mental health disorders.

How Ecstasy Works in the Brain
The popular club drug Ecstasy is viewed by some as a relatively "safe" illegal drug, but its damaging effects on the brain suggest otherwise. The chemical makeup of ecstasy allows it to reach the brain quickly after ingestion.

What Is Intermittent Explosive Disorder?
Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is a mental health disorder marked by episodes of extreme, unwarranted anger. The disorder affects as many as 7.3 percent of adults, or 11.5-16 million Americans, in their lifetimes.

Marijuana’s Effect on Memory and the Brain
Though some believe marijuana is a relatively "safe" drug, studies show it impairs brain function and memory. The active chemical in marijuana, THC, alters the way information is processed by the hippocampus, which damages short-term memory capacity.

Men and Women Use Drugs for Different Reasons
Men and women are different creatures when it comes to their motivations for drug use.

Experts Continue to Worry About Methamphetamine Addiction
Meth related crimes continue to grow; epidemic moving west to east.

30 Minutes Until Nicotine Withdrawal
Like other drugs, nicotine is addictive and comes up with a host of withdrawal symptoms. And those symptoms don’t take long to set in: just 30 minutes after a smoker takes their last drag, according to researchers.

The Rise of OxyContin Addiction
OxyContin is a brand name for a drug that contains oxycodone. It is a powerful and highly addictive prescription painkiller that has become one of the most widespread drugs of abuse. The abuse of all oxycodone products has increased in recent years. Facts About OxyContin Abuse.

How Does Rapid Opiate Detox Work?
There are a number of ways to detox from opiates such as heroin and prescription painkillers. While some go against sage wisdom and try the “cold turkey” method, others use methadone detox or Suboxone detox for a comfortable, gradual process. Still others utilize rapid opiate detox, also referred to as “ultra rapid opiate detox,“ which can be used for treating opiate addictions to heroin, vicodin, methadone, or any prescribed narcotic painkillers.

The Problem with Smoking During Pregnancy
In the United States it is estimated that 20 percent of pregnant women smoke throughout their pregnancies. It is well-known that smoking is dangerous, especially during pregnancy. Here are a few reasons why.

Substance Abuse and Mental Disorders
In a recent report, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) addressed the relationship between substance abuse and other mental disorders.

Substance Abuse Among Military Personnel
Military personnel deployed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be facing a growing number of substance abuse problems. A number of federal agencies have joined together in a campaign to address substance abuse among veterans, military personnel and their families.

Ways to Treat Alcohol Addiction
The bad news is alcohol addiction is a serious and sometimes life-threatening disease. The good news is that there are a number of effective treatments for alcoholism.

The Challenges of Treating PTSD and Substance Abuse
Substance abuse often occurs alongside other mental health disorders, One of the most common pairings is substance abuse with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with an estimated one-third to one-half of those seeking treatment for one condition also struggling with the other.

Trends in Teen Marijuana Use and Prescription Drug Abuse
Each year, the Monitoring the Future (MTF) Survey offers insights into trends in teen drug abuse and teen mental health.

The Many Ways to Treat Alcoholism
Alcoholism is a devastating illness. The good news is that a study of alcoholism treatment medications and counseling shows  that most therapies were effective in promoting short-term abstinence.

Wilderness Therapy Helps Troubled Teens Excel at School
Ironic as it may seem, sometimes getting away from school puts troubled teens in the best position to excel in the classroom.


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