Men and Women Use Drugs for Different Reasons

Men and women are different creatures when it comes to their motivations for drug use. While boys often experiment with alcohol and drugs because they are looking for excitement or popularity, girls are typically motivated by a desire to reduce stress or alleviate depression. Substance abuse is also more prevalent among girls who reached puberty early, struggled with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, or were physically or sexually abused.

Girls are more likely to use cigarettes, alcohol or other drugs  during times of transition, for example, moving to a new community, or graduating from middle school to high school or from high school to college.

Because of the differences in drug use between men and women, research supports gender-specific addiction treatment for women. In many cases, women feel more comfortable sharing personal information with other women and are better able to focus on getting well in a specialized drug rehab for women, Additionally, women who were victims of physical abuse may not respond well to group therapy with men.


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